Anita Rupova
Graphic Designer

I am a graphic designer currently based in Vienna, Austria.
I graduated in graphic design and visual communication at “Die Graphische” in 2018 and since then I have been helping people find the precise design for their product, as well as building my practice around the concept of cooperation between web and analogue graphical styles.
I highly appreciate communicating with my clients and always try to find a solution for their visual problems.


Education & Experience

Freelance graphic designer
Vienna, Austria

Helping people find the precise design for their product and building my practice around the concept of cooperation between web and analogue graphical styles.

Freelance graphic designer at “Compass Innovation”
Vienna, Austria

Working in a creative and innovative digital start-up as a freelancer, our team creates visual concepts and supports brands towards a sustainable future, mainly focusing on tourism and gastronomy. Our main goal is to always try and create more user centric focused Applications.

Visual Content creator at “tsarski.pishtovi”

Tsarski Pishtovi (bul. Царски Пищови) is a non-profit platform that aims to inform and educate younger society in Bulgaria about the relevant political topics, such as state system, voting system, active political parties and figures in the country in an easy, understandable, and accessible way.
This project is completely politically independent and has only educational purposes.

Graphic Designer at “Culinarius Media”
Vienna, Austria

Culinarius Media is an Austrian online magazine focused on fine dining gastronomy. In a small team we worked together on different social media campaigns, ad materials for clients and organised big events such as “Restaurant Week”.

Graphic Design Practice at “Idea Design”
Sofia, Bulgaria

Idea Design is a small studio in Sofia focused on branding and packaging design with many different clients all over Bulgaria. I had the opportunity to work on several projects, some of which were approved for application and print. The challenge for me was to explore and work with the Bulgarian Cyrillic alphabet and learn new techniques and tricks during implementation.

Freelance Graphic Designer at BSEEN Live
Vienna, Austria

During my time in Austria I had the opportunity of working as a freelancer with a start-up called BSEEN on numerous projects, specifically ad materials such as roll up banners, flyers, stickers and catalogues for live streaming, conferences and events.

“Die Graphische” Higher Graphical Federal Education and Research Institute

Graphic Design & Visual Communication
Vienna, Austria

I explored graphic design characteristics and learned Adobe Creative Suite in a full time 2-year course. The class was made up of more than 10 subjects every semester all with a focus around graphic design, specifically aspects of web and analogue practices, using real world practices.


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