Moving back to Bulgaria

I’ve always admired people who are going back to their home country, hustle a lot trying to change the situation for the better. I don’t know if I’m that person or if I’m ever gonna be, but moving back to Bulgaria isn’t a step back for me, this is actually a big step forward!

Let me give you a short summary of my background

I’m originally from Bulgaria, but right after I finished school I moved to Vienna for my study. This decision pretty much helped me become the person that I am right now. Going to foreign country could help you grow as a person, upgrade  your mindset, and help you see more perspectives. That’s why in the past it was a regular practice to send scientists for example to other countries to study and specialize and after that to return to their original country and give value to their countrymen.

Before I discovered  my passion for design,

I was wondering for 2 years about what to study and which path to go on and if you ask me that’s totally okay. My advice would be – if you don’t feel that something is your calling, try hard and if it doesn’t work after that just quit and find something else. Searching for your calling is like searching for yourself – even if you found what you’ve been searching for, you still have to work on it every single day.

After I finished my degree

in graphic and communication design I decided to give it a try and work for some time in Vienna and see what kind of opportunities the city could give me and what kind of network is built there. I was working for almost a year in an Austrian company and then I switched to freelance.

Since I’ve worked for more than a year from home

and have built my network in Austria, it was time to change places, to go out of my comfort zone. Vienna is more than a beautiful city which could give you a high quality of life. Everything there has a pretty good structure and works well. It’s also very easy to dive into the workflow and work life there. But there is something I was missing there

Where am I right now?

About two months ago I came back to Bulgaria with all my stuff. I left my favourite place to live – my lovely flat I rented there, but moving all my belongings wasn’t the most important thing . There will always be something better. It was more important what kind of lessons I’m taking with me and which people are going to stay in my heart regardless of how far we are from each other.

Now I opened my own company, found a new, very cozy and large apartment where I’ve set up my new workspace. And I could finally be part of the management of  Nonsense brand – a brand I founded with two other girls. To be honest, sometimes it’s hard to manage something like that from a distance, because the physical presence gives a big value to the achievements.

It’s all about adaptation!

The truth about moving somewhere else is how  you adapt yourself to the new place and surroundings. We live in a very dynamic time, where we need to get used to new technologies, jobs, situations and places. Everything changes so fast. Don’t be afraid to make a change for yourself.

After all, I’m pretty much happy to be here, in Sofia, in Bulgaria, in my country. Be brave enough to initiate big steps in your life, to follow your heart and intuition, to search and improve yourself, to inspire and be inspired by people around you.

Photos by:
Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash
Alexandr Bormotin on Unsplash

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