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Books are irreplaceable things in my life and podcasts are probably my favourite listening format after music. It’s genius how connected you could be with the hosts and guests and their deep conversations while listening to a podcast. I very much enjoy people with worldly stories, stories that changed the person and could also change the listener. It’s not a secret that people are learning much better from stories and could also remember a story faster and way easier. Another thing I like about podcasts is that you can simply put an episode anytime you like to listen to it – while working, cleaning the house, walking or working out. There is also something important about books and podcasts – they are becoming useless if you don’t take any information from them. Doesn’t matter what genre the book is, everyone who reads could process that information and refract through its prism.

Here is a list with favourite non fiction books that I learned a lot from:

  1. “Atomic habits” by James Clear
    I read this book this year and I have to say I’m very, very impressed by the way the author is writing and how touching his words are. That’s definitely not the first book I have read about time management, building a habit,  or self help, but it’s for sure my favourite one. The book itself is very easy to follow and very understandable. I think every person could learn at least one thing: how to build a sustainable habit for example.
  2. “Free to focus” by Michael Hyatt
    This is another valuable piece for time management with practical exercises at the end of every chapter. As I mentioned, building good habits which could help me work better and be structured is a vital  part of my life for the past few years. In comparison with “Atomic habits” you would  need a bit more focus to learn from this book, but it’s worth it.
  3. “100 things every designer needs to know about people” by Susan M. Weinschenk
    Doesn’t matter how much experience as a designer you have – here is a book not only for designers, but also for people who want to understand the psychology behind every design. Even a good and skilled designer could just remind him/herself of the beauty and the purpose of making a design. Also not to forget the cool layout of the book! 

  4. “Zero to one” by Peter Thiel
    If you are interested in startups, here is a very motivated book on how to build a good product, how to manage a company and how to be different and unique. “From zero to one” means exactly that – to be one unique step ahead of all the brands who exist.
  5. “От любов към себе си” by Lillie Georgieva
    When I started working on my own brand with Magdalena Bonev, she was talking very much about a bulgarian woman called Lillie Georgieva, who I hadn’t heard of before. She is a bulgarian business consultant and is helping other women to find their true calling and be successful . I like the way Lillie is writing, because she is talking a lot about accepting yourself and loving what you do. This is a very common way I am connecting with my job and this is a  way I wish every person to find!

Some favourite shows I like to listen to:

  1. “Дизайнът на нещата” or in English “Design of things” is one of my favourite design podcasts hosted by two bulgarian designers (and it’s also only in Bulgarian available). I started listening to the podcast from its beginning, which was exactly when I finished my study and started to look for professional opportunities. Back then I have to say I was very confused which path I had to take and this podcast helped me more or less  to orientate myself. The podcast itself has different topics (for beginners to advanced, for designers and nondesigners) and also very cool guests.
  2. “Design Life” is a podcast about side hustles hosted by two girls which are so inspiring to listen to. They are pretty much the personification of hustlers for me. These girls are inspiring me every time to work harder, make time for my priorities, be a professional and simply to be proud of being a working woman. Each episode is about 30 minutes which itself is very easy to listen and learn something.
  3. “The Futur with Chris Do”
    Anytime I put an episode from Chris Do’s podcast I’m thinking “I needed to hear exactly that story”. Something that I really like about him is that he has for sure pretty much experience first with his job and second with his life. He is trying very often to convince the designers that they deserve to earn more with their work and specially to respect their work.
  4. “2&200 podcast”
    Another bulgarian podcast, but not (only) for design. As I always say about it, this is a very professional made videocast with very interesting topics and guest speakers. I usually listen to it when I clean at home, because each episode is about 2 hours. The two hosts Orlin and Tsvetomir simply are talking about everyday life and introduce us with cool bulgarian people from different fields with different stories.
  5. “Светофар”
    This is a podcast I discovered around one of my side project I’m doing with three other friends called “Царски Пищови” – platform that aims to inform young people about the political system and relatable topics in Bulgaria – and the first episode I was listening to was with a guy who is studying politics. The podcast has a mission to introduce the audience to different young people and make a community.

There are more podcasts I listen to from time to time, but these are my top five I follow with big interest!

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