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Today I’m not gonna talk about work or at least not directly. Summer is already over but I would love to share a kind of travel story. But this isn’t a story for places to visit, this is a story for something deeper – the energy of my favourite foreign country and second home – Spain.

This is really the place I visited the most,

but that’s not the interesting part of the story. A very good friend or let’s say my best friend has been living  in Spain for about 15 years. We have known each other since we were babies and we promised to each other to meet every year, doesn’t matter where and when. I managed to visit her for the last 3 years at least once in Torremolinos, Malaga, which is directly on the seaside in the south part of the country. Very beautiful, different from Central and Eastern Europe and a spiritual place. Because it’s near Africa, there you can see a lot of colorful Arabic culture, ornaments and architecture.

3 years ago when I went there for the first time,

was also the time when I started reading a lot of self-help and psychology books and started working on my inner self . I began to feel something when I’m in Spain, which I didn’t realise how to call it or what exactly it is until this year.

Spain is a very warm place, where the people are so open about the world!

Fun fact – near Malaga is the biggest gay community in Spain, so you can imagine what kind of open mindset everybody has. The place definitely has a totally different culture from where I live and previously lived (Bulgaria and Austria, specially Austria). I’m not going into details about the cultural life there, because I want to talk more about the vibe this country has, especially the women’s vibe.

Everybody know that the Spanish women are very curvy and even kinda hot.

For me it’s very interesting to observe that this is also a stereotype there and nobody even cares about the weight, because they feel so comfortable in their bodies. They even wear mostly skinny clothes to emphasize their figure. Somehow subconsciously I also started to change my main wardrobe from wide jeans and t-shirts to skinny and more feminine clothes and it felt good.. Thanks to my friend – Maksy I started to appreciate female energy in the way I haven’t before. This is something I struggle with and have been trying  to work on for years.

There is a biological reason for the attraction between man and woman.

 I tried to escape that stereotype so bad, that I forgot to be a woman – vulnerable and soft. I’m not saying that all females have to be only vulnerable and soft, but that’s definitely something that belongs to us and I think that’s the reason why people call us “the weaker sex”. But we are not weak at all – our strength is the power of balancing exactly because men are more logical and rectilinear and sometimes they need to balance their emotions as well.

Step by step I started wearing more dresses and skirts without realizing the reason why I feel so free and fulfilled. Do you know why is it good for women to have dresses and skirts on instead of jeans and trousers? Because they make a circle at the end of the clothes which is looking to the earth (bottom) and the earth is like a mirror and gives us energy we need back. Some other things and tips that open the female energy I have learned with the time:

  • take care of yourself – make something that feels good for you. It could be going to a spa or reading a book. You deserve that time with yourself.
  • embrace every time you feel emotional including the special time of the month – that’s the most female time for us
  • spend time with other girlfriends, because together you have the power to stimulate more emotions and feminine energy
  • wear jewels especially those with moon stone
  • ask a man for help if you feel like you need it, for example if you have heavy bags after a big shopping and don’t refuse help if someone offers you
  • hug yourself and tell yourself in the mirror “You are beautiful” every single day


And here I am – realizing all that staff at 26 and I am so proud of that! I can only say a big, big thanks to my best friend and soulmate, to Spain, to the universe.

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